Forget the PS5, here is the first NFT console that stinks of scam

Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo can tremble: the Polium One arrives. The first NFT console already looks as smoky as other web 3.0 projects

Are you struggling to get your hands on a PS5 or Xbox Series X? Forget them, they are has-been. The very first NFT console has just been announced with a completely lunar tweet. Do you smell the Abandoned scam?

Stronger than the PS5 and the Xbox Series, here is the Polium One

Will you hold the next rug sweater of web 3.0. This fashionable practice in the world of blockchain consists of proposing a project attractive enough to attract p̶i̶g̶e̶o̶n̶s investors before flying away with the jackpot without ever delivering their product. The company Polium has indeed announced the first video game console designed around Web 3.0. Yes that doesn’t mean anything. ” Here is the Polium One, a multi-chain console designed for Web 3 Gaming. Translation a machine compatible with NFT games, the famous pay-to-earn that Ubisoft and Square Enix like so much.

And precisely speaking of games, what will this console which should make the PS5 and the Xbox Series tremble with? The NFT game of The Last of Us and Days Gone veterans?“ We are in discussion with several developers. We want to design a machine with high performance. Specifications will not be confirmed until we have a working prototype. ” The funniest ? The company promises that backers will be able to act directly on the technical sheet of this NFT console while promising a functional prototype with the launch of pre-orders or crowdfunding. What a sweet smell of scam that will never see the light of day, but promised the console will be launched in 2024.

The lunar characteristics of this NFT console

For the moment, the Polium One promises to be a device linked to several cryptocurrency platforms to make transactions, access the metaverse, exchange/buy NFTs and virtual objects, but also download applications/games. The startup also provides a controller (similar to that of the PS5) with haptic feedback and a TouchID security tab similar to Apple’s fingerprint sensor. And as Polium wants to make the greatest tremble, it announces with overflowing confidence rendering in 4K or even 8K HDR, ray tracing and a framerate of 120 fps. The future looks bright (no).

And if you haven’t laughed enough yet, take a closer look at the console logo openly pumped over the Gamecube. Internet users were quick to make fun of this similarity and the company did not fail to defend itself. ” We did not copy the Gamecube logo. There are several other companies that use a similar logo. We will propose one that will be more originalI. »

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