Forspoken: a dozen activities related to the exploration of Athia introduced in a new gameplay presentation

For the past two weeks, every Thursday has been an opportunity to see more about ForspokenI’Action RPG of Luminous Productions and Square-Enix which will make us discover the world ofAthia at the controls of the young New Yorker Frey Holland. the gameplay has already been well detailed with the parkour magic at first, then the fights. This time, make way for additional activities related to exploration!

beyond power caress kinds of winged cats called Tanntas Felines once flushed outso we can look for Landmarks through the wilds of the game. Some will serve to increase our statistics, while others will offer challenges Flashback timed or based on scoring, which it will be possible to restart at will from the world map. Of the Beneficial springs will help us awaken our magical abilities, as well as sorcery challenges found in books. If we find out of the old coins in chests opening by solving a small puzzle, the merchants will exchange them for valuable items. In the basement, of the Sealed labyrinths will be waiting for us, full of dangers, and of the Combat Challenges will oppose us to angry bosses. less risky, the throw of Partha (a sort of dice) will grant temporary bonuses. And since the map of theisekai is played thoroughly, Frey can use their smartphone to take pictures of photogenic places and show his snaps to children, unlocking options for the mode Photo.

So we shouldn’t be bored in Forspoken, whose release date is set for January 24, 2023 on PS5 and PC. You can pre-order your copy on Amazon at a price of €74.99.

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