Forspoken: PEGI 18 rating reveals details about Square Enix’s game

While (unverifiable) rumors evoke a potential postponement of the game to make way for Final Fantasy XVI at the end of the year, Forspoken continues to reveal itself little by little, and this time other than through Square-Enix. The game has just received its European classification thanks to PEGI, and this allows us to learn some details about its content and things that could shock the youngest. Of course, this may contain spoilers.

Very violent passages to be expected?

Forspoken will therefore be PEGI 18because of coarse language used, as well as for its violence, of the presence of microtransactions with DLC and other reasons. We note there the presence of alcohol, with the possibility for the protagonist to drink it :

The player-controlled character can order alcoholic beverages at a bar. Drinks affect player stats, but do so randomly with possible negative results. »

PEGI also points to difficult passages, such as when a group of men attack a woman with kicks and punches, while putting the barrel of a gun on her head , which should therefore happen at the start of the game, when Frey has not yet changed worlds. There would also be the presence of a supposed suicide attempt scene which would involve an alcoholic Frey, who will then be saved.

Forspoken will be released on PlayStation 5 and PC and will be released on October 11, 2022.

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