“Fort Boyard”: Vianney evokes, with emotions, his mother-in-law who died of multiple sclerosis: Current Woman Le MAG

When summer is on its way, a famous show resurfaces on France 2. Since Saturday July 1, 2023, viewers can follow the adventures of celebrities who have come to try the experience Fort Boyard. For this new edition, Vianney has agreed to participate. The fans from the program therefore found him on the small screen on Saturday July 8, 2023. Facing the camera, he wanted to explain why he had applied to come and play the games of skill and logic of Father Fouras. It is a very sad story that led him there. “We came here for a foundation called Arsep, which works for research into multiple sclerosis, a nervous disease”, begins by explaining the singer. Then emotion took over when he confided that this disease had “touched very personally”. “My mother-in-law, who died this year of the diseasewas a woman full of joy, full of life, would have loved everything that happens here.” It is therefore “for her and for all the others” that Vianney visited the fort.

A stunning candidate in Fort Boyard

Unsurprisingly, Vianney gave his best to collect the maximum amount of money in the kitty. From the first event, that of the Flippers, he managed in record time to pick up the key and get out in time to join his comrades. Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, Az, Laure Boulleau, Alexis Michalik and Maëva Coucke, who participated in the game show alongside him, were impressed by his skills. An attitude that must have delighted his companion, Catherine Robert, who saw him pass each test, including the hardest, like that of the Infernal Cell. It was not the first time that Vianney had visited this historic monument located in Charente-Maritime. The first time was in 2016, but that year he did not shine with his success. Who says defeat, says revenge: Vianney did not let himself down and returned in 2020 to participate in Fort Boyard. Redoubled in ingenuity, he had done almost flawlessly!

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