Fort Boyard: what is the real job of André Bouchet, alias Passe-Partout?

Saturday September 17, 2022, André Bouchet, the interpreter of Passe-Partout in the show Fort Boyard was the guest of Chez Jordan. He confided in his job in everyday life.

Since 1990, André Bouchet has been part of the team at Fort Boyard under the pseudonym of Passe-Partout. After more than 30 years on television, the man with dwarfism is still a real figure of the show broadcast on France 2. Guest on Saturday September 17 in the show At Jordan’shosted by Jordan De Luxe, he opened up about his role in Fort Boyardbut also on his life outside.

The 55-year-old explained that he worked in parallel at the RATP since 1997 as a station agent on metro line 1. Faced with questions from Jordan de Luxe, he explained that he had no no problems filming the show. “It is an arrangement between the channel (France 2) and the RATP” he revealed. Eventually, he also confessed that he was regularly recognized by people:They ask me for selfies, but it’s fun“.

André Bouchet reveals his salary on the show Fort Boyard

As he receives a monthly salary of more than 2000 euros in the context of his work at the RATP, André Bouchet insisted on clarifying the question of his remuneration at Fort Boyard. Indeed, Jordan De Luxe named him one of the highest paid characters in the fort with a salary of 2500 euros per shoot. A figure far from reality according to Passe-Muraille’s friend. “No it is wrong” he said before continuing with humor: “It’s below. I don’t speak. Maybe that’s why I don’t talk“.

If he admitted not knowing how much his acolytes like Olivier Minne or Yann Le Gac, the interpreter of Father Fouras, earn, André Bouchet explained that he won “300 euros per issue“. A sum far from what Jordan De Luxe imagined. And if this salary does not allow him to live from his acting profession, the opportunity to playing the role of Passe-Partout is a real pleasure for the television hostwhich is expected to continue in its role for many years to come.

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2/12 –

André Bouchet
Portrait of Passe-Partout (André Bouchet) during the recording of the program “Chez Jordan”. September 17, 2022.


3/12 –

André Bouchet and his wife Patricia
CTC TV channel party in Moscow, Russia, August 29, 2019.

© Giancarlo Gorassini

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André Bouchet
Celebrities at the photocall for Grégory Bakian’s concert at the Palace in Paris, France, on December 18, 2017.


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André Bouchet and Alexandre Devoise
Inauguration of the Fête à Neuneu in Paris, September 2, 2016.


6/12 –

Andre Bouchet and his wife Patricia
Inauguration of the Fête at Neu-Neu in Paris, on August 30, 2013.


7/12 –

André Bouchet
André Bouchet at the NRJ Cine Awards in 2005.


8/12 –

Passe-Partout, Passe-Temps, La Boule, Sarah Lelouch, Olivier Minne and Father Fouras
Fort Boyard program, broadcast on France 2.


9/12 –

Pass-Partout and Hobbies
Fort Boyard program, broadcast on France 2.


10/12 –

La Boule, Passe-Partout and Hobbies
Fort Boyard program, broadcast on France 2.


11/12 –

Olivier Minne and André Bouchet
Fort Boyard in 2019.


12/12 –

Alain Prevost, André Bouchet and Yves Marchesseau
Fort Boyard in 1994.

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