Fortnite: an explosive chapter 4 with a new map and an improved graphics engine

Fortnite welcomes its Chapter 4 today. As usual, we have the right to a new map, but also a plethora of additions. The most important is the arrival of the Unreal Engine 5.1, Epic Games’ revolutionary graphics engine.

Fortnite seems indestructible. Epic Games’ secret to consistently staying at the top of the Battle Royale food chain? Regularly add strong new features. The latest update revolutionizes the game, since it includes the Unreal Engine 5.1 as well as a new card… but not only.

Chapter 3 ended with an event that destroyed the previous “map” to establish a new one. A process that is not new in the Epic title, but which remains a major event for players. They can now explore a new island dotted with points of interest, such as Anvil Square, a small peaceful village, or the Citadel, a majestic castle. It is also possible to travel this map in motocross, which makes travel much more fluid.

Fortnite, the very first game on Unreal Engine 5.1

But the big novelty of this chapter 4, it is undoubtedly the arrival of the Unreal Engine 5.1, the new graphics engine from Epic Games that wants to revolutionize video games. Fortnite benefits from greatly improved graphics and advanced lighting effects. Everyone can enjoy it, since this engine is available on both PC and console. It also allows for new animations for the characters, whose movements are now more fluid (they can step over obstacles, for example). Other fun minor additions are worth noting, such as being able to create snowballs.

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It is therefore almost a brand new game we discover today. Fortnite is – once again – its revolution and shows that it knows how to create the event. Many other little things have been added for this chapter 4, such as new weapons and skins never seen before. Moreover, it is now possible to unlock Geralt de Riv as well as the Doom Slayer.

The arrival of Geralt is legitimized by the upcoming release of The Witcher 3 next gen, but for the Doom Slayer, it’s more curious, since no news is linked to him. Would that mean a new DOOM would be announced at The Game Awards? Possible…

In any case, it is possible to start now in this Chapter 4 of Fortnite if you wish.

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