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Partnerships are commonplace in Fortnite, and players very often discover more or less original crossovers. In this month of August, and as it has been expected for a very long time, the Fortnite community can benefit from a collaboration with Dragon Ballallowing to introduce many skins in game, but also challenges and special objects.

Since the operating system of these challenges, which are free for everyone, is a little different from what Epic Games usually offers us, we offer you a small recap so that you do not get lost.

Dragon Ball Challenges in Fortnite

Until the end of August, players will be able to complete a few quests, more or less easy, in order to gain power levels. It is these levels that will allow you to unlock the different rewards (see below).

Regarding the challenges, here is what you are asked to do on the battlefield. Of course, a guide to help you is available for the most complicated challenges.

Warm-up Challenges

Combat Training Challenges

Dragon Ball Rewards

As for the rewards, unfortunately we will not have any outfits. However, it will be possible to recover the following items:

  • Smiling Goku Emoticon
  • 5 Tier Boosts for the Battle Pass
  • Fusion Aerosol
  • Radar Dragon Back Bling
  • Bulma Winking Emoticon
  • Focus Ki Emote
  • Aerosol Goku super Saiyan blue
  • Ki Stack Emote

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