Fortnite is back on iOS: how to play it, date, beta…

Fortnite will finally make a comeback on iOS devices thanks to NVIDIA GeForce NOW which will launch a closed beta shortly.

Players have not been able to download Fortnite on their iOS smartphones or tablets for many months following the conflict between Apple and Epic Games since August 2020. Now and thanks to NVIDIA GeForce NOW, players with iOS devices will be able to return to Fortnite.

NVIDIA will launch a closed beta that will allow players to play battle royale via the Safari browser on iOS and the GeForce NOW app on Android.

Epic Games / NVIDIA

This is a huge victory for Epic Games which will be able to find many players coming from iOS platforms.

Everything you need to know about the closed beta of Fortnite on iOS

In order to test the capacity of the servers, NVIDIA will launch a closed beta where GeForce NOW members can already register.

How to register for the closed beta

You can already join the waiting list for this closed beta by following these simple steps:

  1. Go to the NVIDIA website page dedicated to Fortnite Mobile
  2. Sign in with your NVIDIA account or create one
  3. Join the queue
  4. Become a GeForce NOW member by registering, unless you already have.

When will the closed beta start?

We don’t have a specific date for when the beta will start yet, but NVIDIA said it will start as early as next week, potentially from January 17, 2022.

What will happen at the end of the closed beta?

NVIDIA will collect a lot of important data during these beta sessions to evolve the gaming experience. And then they will plan new announcements in the future regarding Fortnite Mobile.

You now have all the elements in hand to participate in the closed beta of Fortnite Mobile on iOS and find out what will follow.

Source: NVIDIA

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