Fortnite: One of the last big names in the game is retiring

Photo: Benjyfishy

The Fortnite hype has died down a bit, but the Battle Royale remains a very popular game today. The game maintains a large community and there is always a lot of new content coming out. In particular, it is possible to play many alternative game modes that allow you to have fun according to your desires. Recently, the game mode without construction was also added. Some believed that this new addition would also revive the competitive dimension of Fortnite. For the moment, however, it continues to snore and Epic Games does not seem particularly in a hurry to revive the craze. esports.

For this reason, pro players are retiring one after another. Some decide to convert to other licenses. Others are content to adopt the career of content creator. In France, the scene is decimated, but it is also the case in the rest of Europe. A new big fish ended up choosing to look elsewhere if the water was better elsewhere.

Goodbye Benjyfishy!

The player in question is Benjy “Benjyfishy“David Fish. The Englishman has worn the colors of NRG Esports and is one of the emblematic figures of the scene. He notably participated in the World Cup in 2019. In solo, he finished in 25th place and in duo with MrSavage, another name that should bring back memories, he had taken 14th place, more recently he was still relatively active and still participated regularly in tournaments, he was in particular in the grand final of the Fortnite Champion Series: Chapter 3 Season (45th place). It was last May and it will remain his last competition on the Battle Royale.

To 18 years old, he finally decided to put an end to his career by posting a video message on the networks. He explains in particular that if he had become a pro gamer, it was to have fun. But Fortnite doesn’t really give him any more, especially since big tournaments are rare. He therefore did not see himself continuing on this path. His choice makes the community a bit sad, but he is totally logic.

Finished Fortnite, but not finished gaming!

Benjyfishy however, intends to stay in gaming. He explained that he was playing a lot of Valorant at the moment, a game that allowed him to find the fun that had disappeared in Fortnite. For the moment, there is no question of considering a professional career in a competitive team. But he will become a content creator. It remains associated with the structure NRGwhich he had joined at the age of 14 and would like to thank the latter for her understanding.

On a lighter note, he also thanked his momwithout whom he would never have been able to come this far.


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