Fortnite: RoboCop comes to rule the law on the island with a new skin in the shop

The collaborations follow each other and are definitely not alike in Fortnite. If players have recently been able to obtain an appearance of the scarlet witch as it appears in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madnessit’s a completely different fictional character who has just landed to make the law reign, the aptly named RoboCop.

In exchange for 1,800 V Bucks in stores (instead of 2,500), so you can buy a bundle containing the skin of this movie legend, also available individually as well as his back bling / pickaxe and an amazing emote.

RoboCop lends a hand to the sentries of the island to fight evil. This Omni Product Cartel creation is now available in the Fortnite Item Shop. It is armed with the leg of a defeated ED-209. To stop crime, ride a mini ED-209 with a new emote!

The RoboCop outfit includes the LEG-209 back accessory, the leg of an ED-209 which is also available separately as a pickaxe. Get the two cosmetic items in the RoboCop pack and use the LEG-209 as a pickaxe or back bling. Are you going out on patrol? The Mini ED-209 mobile emote is also available in the shop! Use it to ride a small ED-209. (And yes, it does work on stairs.)

Make sure there’s no… problem.

A video showing it in action has been shared:

Otherwise, the celebrations for the Star Wars Day 2022 are still available for a few days. If necessary, V Bucks are for sale on Amazon.

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