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The Splintered Wasteland Adventure Season is back in Update 21.10. find the modifier Rage, Adventure Level Rewards, and Adventure Challenge Quests. The Rage modifier prevents your energy from regenerating on its own, but it drastically reduces the cooldown of your skills and increases their damage. If you run out of energy, kill Husks to refill it. Energy management is essential in fragmented wastelands !


13StW HitTheRoadLoading Social
Escort the van and its characters with unique modifiers in the On the road quest series. Quinn increases your shield regeneration with Shield Raise, while Nutcracker’s Reactive Shields knock enemies back when your shield drops to zero. As the journey progresses, each character’s modifiers intensify. Accompany them and help them spread their summer hits!

Complete each stage of On the Road to get rewards. Help Quinn and get Jonesy Rexa soldier equipped with the Saurian Strength perk, which increases your ranged weapon damage based on your HP, then help the Nutcracker and get the Big Sound Shotgun Burst-staccato ! the llama that tears is also available. Redeem 500 On the Road Tickets to get 4 Badass Heroes and 5 Loud-Sounding Weapons.


13StW Dennis Social
Dennis, the burger kingpin turned hero, returns with the questline Impostor. Follow the journey of this survivor turned warrior! With the advantage Burger doseyour kills spawn burgers that restore HP and Energy.


20STW SkateParkRoyalty MOTD 1920x1080
the Skatepark Reign Pack is now available! With her quiet confidence and natural style, Toni dominates the ramps. Drive for success with this new pack, which includes:

  • The Toni outfit
  • Ollie board back bling
  • Pickaxe Stick on wheels

And for Save the World mode:

  • Access to the Save the World PvE campaign
  • Access to Toni’s Challenges: Get up to 1,500 V-Bucks by completing daily Save the World quests

These challenges are unlocked after completing the 3rd Storm Shield Defense in Save the World.

Note: Cosmetic items in this pack will be shared between Battle Royale, Save the World, and Creative mode. This new pack will have no impact on Founder Daily Login Rewards or V-Bucks earned. All of this remains exclusive to Founders who have purchased Early Access. These outfits may appear in the Item Shop in the future.


In Update 21.00, we adjusted the Rescue the Survivors missions. As soon as you save all the survivors, the mission ends, cutting short the end of the countdown.

With Update 21.10, we’re continuing our efforts in this area, fixing some interactions where survivors weren’t spawning and adding more camps so you can save them all! We’ve also tweaked this mission to spawn more Survivors than needed to earn a Platinum Badge, making them easier to find and giving you more leeway to save them all.


  • Instead of completely replacing it, single-use food for wild animals now spawns in addition to regular loot (building materials, ammo).
  • The stack size of all consumables has been increased to 999 so that each type only takes up one inventory slot.

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