Fortnite: the great collaboration with Dragon Ball is revealed

Son Goku, Vegeta, Bulma and Beerus were therefore chosen to integrate Fortnite with what that implies in special skills (the Kaméhaméha) and in mode of locomotion (the Kinto-kun magic cloud) and other emotes, but the partnership does not stop there, as evidenced by the presence of a system quests to complete to increase his power level, collect the seven crystal balls from the stars and get free Dragon Ball themed rewards.

Seven sets of quests will be offered to test your strength, agility, concentration and many other skills. For each completed training set, you will get a Dragon Ball and your power level will increase. This unlocks awesome rewards like the Dragon Radar back bling, emotes, sprays, and battle pass tiers“, explains Epic Games.

Off the main island, players can discover the islet that houses Master Roshi’s iconic home, chat with Bulma, and buy special items from her for a few ingots. To stick with the universe of Akira Toriyama, the tables of contracts have been replaced by tables of duels: they allow you to face an opponent face to face in order to determine who is the strongest on the island.

To rest between fans between two games, a cruise ship has been set up with a giant screen allowing you to relax in front of episodes 9, 10, 11, 13, 81 and 98 of Dragon Ball Super. From August 19, a new stage of the collaboration will be unveiled with the arrival of an island inspired by the emblematic places of the Dragon Ball universe.

Fly for a Ring Race on a Magic Cloud (Kinto-un) at God’s Palace, get ready to eat in Goku’s House, and tackle an obstacle course through the hall of the mind and time. And this is just a glimpse of the challenges that await you to collect the Dragon Balls“, adds Epic Games. These two experiences will be available until September 17.

Full details are available on the official website of Fortnite.

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