Fortnite: The Kid LAROI Skins, how to get them for free?

For many months, the players of Fortnite can from time to time collect skins, sometimes exclusive, thanks to good performances in special tournaments. This was particularly the case with the series of Marvel or DC Comics skins. After a brief stint in the Street Fighter universe, and the return of DC Comics, this time Epic Games returns to the Icons series Fortnite, highlighting artists around the world. Thus, it is possible to get your hands, without spending a euro, on The Kid LAROI skins for freealthough it will not be an easy task.

How to get The Kid LAROI skins in Fortnite?

If you want to add these new outfits to your inventory, and the accessories that go with them, you will have to participate in the Cup The Kid LAROI, which is only played in duo in Zero construction. See you this Tuesday, January 24, 2023 on Fortnite to try to unlock the The Kid LAROI outfits, but also the accessories, namely the Get My Bag back bling and the Tragic Blade back bling/pickaxe. To win the outfit, you must finish in the top 1,350 duos (in Europe), which limits the number of winners compared to some other tournaments. You will have 10 games to try to enter this ranking. Obtaining 8 points will automatically unlock a LAROI banner icon and the LAROI Smile emoticon.

What’s more, to be eligible for the offer, you must have activated 2FA on your Epic Games account. You can find all tournament rules on the official website. Finally, Epic Games specifies that you must have an account level equal to or greater than 15 to participate in the Cup The Kid LAROI. Epic Games indicates that if you are one of the winners, the reward may take several days to arrive in your account.

If you are not part of the top 1,350 duos, you will unfortunately have to go to the checkout to get the The Kid LAROI skins, which will arrive in the shop this Friday, January 27.

Note that this event takes place on the occasion of a major collaboration between Fortnite and The Kid LAROI, who will have the right to his concert and even to a small series of quests. The famous Australian singer will be highlighted for long weeks on the battle royale.

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