Fortnite: tornadoes and thunderstorms hit the Battle Royale

When launching the Chapter 3 – Season 1 of Fortnite, Epic games had shared an impressive trailer revealing the many new features of his Battle royale. But these arrive at the snack bar, the Shield barrel was for example introduced last week, now up to climate change !

Eh yes, players can now find tornadoes in Fortnite, but fear not, this is airflow to get you soaring in the skies and quickly reach a far position without fall damage. Well, there are thunderstorms as well, with lightning bolts that do a bit of damage and set the surroundings on fire, but mostly they offer a temporary speed boost. Finally, a weapon very popular with arsonists is making a comeback, here are the new features brought by this update 19.01:

The weather forecast tornadoes andthunderstorm on the island. Find out how to use these new weather conditions to your advantage! And speaking of the good weather, turn up the heat with the return of the high roller gun.

Tornadoes and Thunderstorms: Explanation of New Climatic Elements

If you see a tornado forming, you don’t need to run away. On the contrary, run in it and use it as an escape plan! You’ll spin around until you decide to hover somewhere safe, or until the tornado spits you out if you stay there too long. But don’t worry: you don’t take fall damage when thrown by the tornado.

If you see a dark cloud forming, it’s not always worth running away either. While the lightning does some damage (and ignites the surroundings), it does grant players a temporary speed boost.

How to increase your chances of getting struck by lightning? You can jump into a water point under the cloud or stand at the highest point covered by the cloud. Lightning never strikes twice in the same place: if you have been struck by lightning, it will not hit you again for a while.

The high roll gun comes out of the shed!

It’s not just lightning that can start fires. The High Pistol comes out of the shed in this fix! Together with the firefly jar, this represents a new way of spreading the flames. The High Pistol can be found in Chests, Floor Loot, and Supply Drops.

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Tornado week: tornadoes are unleashed

The intensity of the tornadoes will be at its peak to mark their arrival.

During the tornado week, which begins now and will end on January 17 at 3:00 p.m. CET, the chances of tornadoes appearing on the island are increased. You have the wind in your sails!

Notes on competitive modes:

  • Tornadoes and thunderstorms are not included in competitive game modes.
  • The High Pistol is not available in competitive game modes, but is subject to a trial period.
  • During this season, items like the High Pistol or Shield Barrel could be added to competitive game modes after a one to two week evaluation period. For this season in particular, we are testing the possibility of adding more mid-season items to competitive modes than in previous seasons.

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