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Fortnite players can take advantage of a new content update on the battle royale this Tuesday, June 21, 2022, the first since the launch of season 3. This one adds some things that will change the meta, while bringing some adjustments, but also the “hidden” skins. You can find all the details of the Fortnite update 21.10 below.

Fortnite 21.10 patch notes

Darth Vader and his lightsaber

Without surprise, Darth Vader, the major skin of this battle pass, has just landed on the battle royale island. Visible as an NPC, if you manage to defeat this powerful Sith lord, you will then be able to recover his lightsaber and use it against other playerslike when lightsabers are available in Fortnite.

But Darth Vader did not come alone, given that he is accompanied by his Stormtroopers, also equipped with their usual weapons, the E-11 blaster rifle. It will be possible to recover some from the imperious chests, which we find at the landing sites of Darth Vader, and the Stormtroopers that you kill.

New Styles

As we told you, epic styles can be unlocked for players above Battle Pass level 100. The first unlocks at level 140. You’ll get unique styles, Dimensional Platinum, Bluevagesque Lapis, and Blazing Gold, for Malik, Evie, Adira, Sabina, and the Stormwalker.


Group search and labels

Epic Games has brought a new way to customize your profile, with tags. These show up on your profile and let other players know your favorite modes and more. You can then perform a group search, to find people with the same options as you.


For the rest, here are the balances and improvements made:

  • We have changed the number of fruits the tree can bear depending on its rarity. For each growth cycle, the reality tree can now carry:
    • 3 fruits if it is atypical or rare
    • 2 fruits if it is epic
    • 1 fruit if legendary or mythical
  • Darth Vader Boss, Darth Vader’s Lightsaber, Stormtroopers, and E-11 Blaster Rifle are not available in Competitive Game Modes

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