Forza Motorsport shows all its bodywork but still doesn’t give a date

Microsoft had never promised that all of the games shown during its Xbox and Bethesda Softworks Developer_Direct would all have a release date at the end of the latter, but the presentation of Forza Motorsport was still a disappointment for some people. The game of Turn 10 was present at the party to present us with a few more images with short gameplay sequences, but its release is obviously not for now.

Once again the kings of technique

Microsoft intends to remain cautious about release date announcements, which is probably why Forza Motorsport only gave a vague “2023” as a date. No more precise date for the moment, except that it should probably arrive in the first part of the year, without us being certain.

But Turn 10 did not come empty-handed. The presentation shown to us dwells unsurprisingly on the technical aspect of the game, quite stunning, as can be expected from this license. Ray-tracing is of course activated and illustrated here, as is the unfailing fluidity of the game. More than 500 vehicles will be on the program, which we are promised more realistic than ever, with nearly 800 modifications to be made to them. We can compete in twenty different environments, including Kyalami in South Africa, a first in this country for the series.

We can’t wait to discover all this controller (or steering wheel) in hand, but we will still have to be patient. Forza Motorsport will be released on PC and Xbox Series, directly on the Game Pass.

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