Forza Street: The free-to-play will close its doors next spring

Yes Forza Horizon 5 continues to attract players from all over the world, we have to believe that Forza Street unfortunately did not have the same success. Launched in 2018 on PC under the name Miami Street before being renamed a year later and arriving on mobiles two years ago, the free-to-play racing game will no longer be playable from spring 2022.

Refunds for recent microtransactions

As indicated in an FAQ published yesterday on the Forza Support site, the developers explain that they made this decision in order to use what they have learned. “To create exciting new Forza products” without further details.

A final update has also been deployed to allow pilots “To complete their collection goals” and permanently closing the online store dedicated to microtransactions. If you spent real money in the last 30 days before closing, your purchases will be automatically refunded “In accordance with the policies of the stores in which they were carried out. “

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