Fountain of youth: doctor reveals routines that can reduce biological age

fountain of youth
Doctor reveals three routines that can drastically reduce biological age

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Physically and mentally healthy – that’s how we want to grow old. One who seems to be doing quite well is Marc Hyman, a physician and longevity expert. The 63-year-old doesn’t look his age and, according to his own statement, this is mainly due to years of refinement of personal routines based on markers of cellular health. He was able to reduce his biological age by around 20 years. And while tests to determine biological age are controversial, there is now ample evidence that certain habits relating to Diet, exercise and relaxation can prolong life and have a very positive effect on our health.

Hyman told Business Insider that Aging does not have to be associated with health problems such as aching joints, dull thinking and chronic diseases. The only important thing is to get into the trade yourself and gives tips on which habits we can change in order not only to live a long life, but above all to stay healthy for a long time.

3 habits that can lower our biological age

Fixed morning routine

Hyman wakes up every morning 6 a.m., then meditate for 20 minutes and then treat yourself to a coffee. After that, the best-selling author devotes a certain amount of time to writing.

Both morning coffee and meditation are considered health-promoting. Coffee is said to reduce the risk of heart disease and dementia, while meditation reduces stress, which also causes us to age faster.


After that follow Strength training with fitness bands for 30 minutes and a contrast shower. Research results have shown that even small units of strength training can reduce health risks and reduce or even prevent pain. In addition to his workout, the doctor builds Activities such as walking, hiking or cycling into his daily routine so that he gets around three hours of exercise a day.

The Contrast showers after morning workouts are said to reduce inflammation and improve metabolism.


He also pays attention to one when it comes to his diet plant-based whole foods and eats a “pegan diet”, a combination of paleo and vegan. Whereby he avoids meat and fish as much as possible and concentrates mainly on plant-based whole foods. But proteins should not be missing either, as they are important for muscle building. “As you get older, muscle mass is more important. It’s a critical part of healthy aging,” explains Hyman.

In addition to this diet, he supplements with the dietary supplement creatine and a special, recently discovered fatty acid called C15:0.

Even small changes have an impact on longevity

Of course, changing all routines at once is not realistic, but gradually turning the screws can already have big effects, such as a change in diet, more exercise, not drinking alcohol and cigarettes, establishing healthy sleep hygiene. “The most important things are exercise and a diet high in healthy fats and plant-based foods,” says Hyman. “No amount of supplements can replace them.”


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