Fourth lockdown – from the classroom to the living room

As if someone were still surprised: the universities and technical colleges are also switching back to online mode. From Monday, Salzburg’s students will have to transform their living rooms into lecture halls again. At least the students were able to stay at the university for more than two weeks this winter semester.

First 3-G, then 2.5-G and now home office. As if the Salzburg students hadn’t already guessed it. After three semesters in a state of emergency, the fourth lockdown is no longer an exception for many, but the new reality. Most of the students will have to cope with everyday university life from home on Monday. Only a few can stay on site. This does not apply to courses that cannot be carried out online, such as laboratory or physical education classes. Of course, in compliance with strict safety and hygiene measures, according to the University of Salzburg. To this day, students were still able to study at the study stations in the libraries with FFP2 masks. But whether the desired learning goals can be achieved with the mask remains questionable. The students do not have to worry about this for the time being, as the libraries will also close for this purpose on Monday. Borrowing books is still allowed. Closure until the beginning of next year The situation should continue until after the Christmas holidays. Whether it can then switch back to normal operation remains wishful thinking for the time being. Remember the past semester.
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