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Fran Drescher: She speaks so honestly about her darkest times

In an interview with the "People" magazine, Fran Drescher (62, "The Nanny") talks about the strokes of fate that the actress had to deal with in her life. This includes the rape that was done to her shortly before her breakthrough. Accordingly, the then 28-year-old and a friend were raped at gunpoint in 1985 – while her husband Peter Marc Jacobson (62, "Happily Divorced") had to watch.

At first she only told her friends about the abuse, she could not tell her parents herself, her sister finally took over. From that point on, marriage to Jacobson is said to have continued to deteriorate – a 14-year downward spiral that eventually ended in divorce. Two years later, Jacobson came out as gay. Today she affectionately calls him "my gay ex-husband" – at the time, however, the end of the relationship felt like she was going through fire. In retrospect, she sums up: "I never did anything for myself that went against the will of someone who is important to me. And that was part of my problem. I practically sat in the back seat of my own life. I made everyone else happy , just not me. "

In order to learn that, it took a serious blow: A year after her divorce, Drescher was diagnosed with uterine cancer. "I couldn't get through this alone," said Drescher. And that gave her an important insight: "Helping and supporting other people feels like you have your life under control. But in reality it's just a distraction." Now she was no longer obsessed with "being the best, most selfless, and always available caregiver."

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