France 5 fishing for scams and good deals for cheaper treatment

Héloïse Goy, with Alexis Patri

France 5 is broadcasting a survey on Tuesday evening entitled “Getting cheaper treatment, scams and good deals”. Its director Bruno Timsit explains to the microphone of Europe 1 what are the scams he discovered while investigating, but also the solutions to continue to treat yourself cheaper and in complete safety.


While nearly one in four French people give up certain care for lack of budget, new associative health centers have been springing up all over France in recent years. They promise dental or ophthalmological consultations fully covered by Social Security and mutual insurance. But the survey broadcast Tuesday evening on France 5 also reveals that these centers, rarely created by doctors, have some shadowy parts.

“A number of ophthalmological centers are today accused of large-scale fraud. We are talking about several million euros”, reveals at the microphone of Europe 1 Bruno Timsit, director of this investigation. “What is in question is the billing of care that has not really been carried out, and which is still billed to Health Insurance. For the part of the dental centers, there we are talking about extremely serious cases .”

Take several opinions from health professionals

Bruno Timsit notably looked into the Proxidentaire affair. “Its leaders are accused of having practiced voluntary mutilation on patients. This means that they would have had their healthy teeth pulled out, in order to be able to fit them with prostheses,” he explains. “Everything indicates today that these acts were carried out to generate a lot of profit.”

According to the director, there are solutions to avoid becoming a victim of these excesses and to continue to receive cheaper treatment in complete safety. “When a dentist offers after a session to devitalize a lot of teeth, when it’s done very quickly, too quickly, you have to be wary,” he warns. “You have to take several opinions before considering major dental projects. And above all (even if it’s difficult), do not be impressed by the health professional you have in front of you, and do not hesitate to To ask questions.”

Investigation Cheaper treatment, scams and good deals is broadcast Tuesday evening at 9 p.m. on France 5. The report will be followed by a debate moderated by Marina Carrère d’Encausse.

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