France believes that the European law on AI will prevent innovation

The EU’s AI law is causing a lot of dissatisfaction, especially among startups and in the French government, who believe it is stifling innovation.

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The Artificial Intelligence Act is a European bill to regulate the use and marketing of artificial intelligence. The big names in French technology do not appreciate this text in its current form, considered too restrictive. Even the President of the Republic had shared his concern. The French government also considers that the regulation risk of stifling innovation.

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Negotiations around the AI ​​Act are set to last for months. Indeed, the current text makes many unhappy among startups and technology companies, in France at least. In particular, the European Parliament has voted a number of obligations which aim to provide a framework for “the non-purpose specific AI models “.

France disagrees with EU AI law

In fact, companies will have to respect a certain number of rules depending on the category of risk presented by the proposed technologies: unacceptable, high, generative AI, limited. Note that generative AIs are framed by their own requirements. Under this law, some AI applications will be outright banned “Real-time biometric identification and social rating systems”, for example, pose an unacceptable risk and will therefore be banned.

As is, this law is dissatisfied with many French companies who are destined to become a leader in the field of AI in the next ten to fifteen years. Mr. Macron had thus announced that France will invest 500 million € in this field to make it a world heavyweight in the industry. An ambition that will probably have to be scaled back if the legislation proves to be too restrictive. Regarding the AI ​​Act, in fact, the positions of each other within the Union seem to be well established, and it will probably be difficult to quickly obtain a consensus on this technology which is evolving at high speed.

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