France evacuates 258 Afghans from Kabul

France has evacuated 258 Afghans from Kabul to Doha, Qatar, French diplomacy said Friday (December 3rd). It’s about people “Particularly threatened because of their commitments, especially journalists, or their link with France, including former civilian local recruiting staff of our armies (PCRL)”, said a statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. They will soon be repatriated to France

Eleven French and sixty Dutch and their dependents were also evacuated by the flight chartered by Paris. “Since September 10, 110 French people and their dependents as well as 396 Afghans to be placed in protection have been evacuated on 10 separate flights organized by Qatar”, adds the press release, thanking “Strongly” the emirate for its “decisive assistance in the planning and carrying out of these complex operations”.

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Medical equipment and food transported to Kabul

Since the fall of Kabul in August to the hands of the Taliban and the departure of the Americans, many countries have evacuated their nationals, as well as Afghans threatened in particular for having served foreign interests in recent years.

The fate of the employees of the French army during its operations in the country has been the subject of many controversies for years. Some voices accuse France of having failed in its duty to protect by reluctance to grant them visas. From 2001 to 2014, 770 local recruiting civilian personnel (PCRLs) collaborated with the French army as interpreters, drivers or domestic workers in Afghanistan.

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In addition, in a joint statement with the Doha authorities, Paris announced that it had sent some “40 tons of medical equipment, food and winter supplies for international organizations in Afghanistan”.

The French aid, consisting mainly of medical equipment intended for the Medical Institute for Mother and Child in Kabul, was transported to Afghanistan via a military flight provided by Qatar.

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