France loses its position as the leading net exporter of electricity in Europe

In the first half of 2022, Paris was overtaken by Sweden. Germany is also growing strongly.

A collapse in French production more than an increase in that of Sweden. This explains why France lost its first place as a net exporter of electricity between January and June 2022, according to a report by energy data analyst EnAppSys published on Wednesday August 10.

France “shifted from a net exporter earlier in the year to a net importer, resulting from a dramatic fall in its overall net position“Writes the British structure. She explains this 180° turn with “structural problems with its nuclear fleet“. More seriously, the difficulties the country is experiencing could last. The situation “shows no signs of improving soon“, declared Jean-Paul Harreman, director of EnAppSys BV.

In addition to the heat wave, which forced the shutdown of certain power stations, such as that of Tricastin (Drôme), due to the high temperatures of the rivers, the French fleet is facing corrosion problems affecting certain reactors and has led to the shutdown of 12 of between them (out of 56).

Northern Europe in the lead

Northern European countries largely dominate this ranking. Behind Sweden, which exported 16 terawatt hours (TWh) between January and June, mainly to Finland and Denmark, we find Germany. The continent’s leading economic power sent 15.4 TWh of electricity to its neighbours. Double the previous half of 2021, in order to meet French demand in particular.

Far behind, Bulgaria is on the third step with 6.6 TWh. A slight increase. On the other hand, no change at the back of the pack. Italy remains the leading net importer during the period with 22TWh coming mainly from Switzerland and France.

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