France-Macron confirms Borne, new executive in early July-AFP – 06/25/2022 at 22:59

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PARIS, June 25 (Reuters) – Emmanuel Macron has decided to “confirm (his) confidence” in Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne to “lead the government’s action over time”, the president said in an interview with AFP.

The Head of State told the press agency that he had asked Elisabeth Borne to present him with proposals at the end of next week with a view to forming a new government which will be appointed at the start of July.

“On my return from the G7 and NATO summits, the Prime Minister will submit to me proposals for a roadmap for the government of France over the coming months and years, and also for the composition of a new government of action at the service of France that we will put in place in the first days of July,” he said.

Emmanuel Macron also said he had asked the Prime Minister to consult the political groups in the National Assembly next week on a “government agreement”, their participation in a government, their position on a vote of confidence or even the vote of state budget next fall.

While ruling out the possibility of an agreement with the RN and LFI, he added that he had not given up on his pension reform project aimed at “working longer”, no more than that which should lead France “towards the full employment”.

These statements come nearly a week after the second round of legislative elections on Sunday, which deprived the presidential camp of an absolute majority in the National Assembly.

Emmanuel Macron took note of this sanction vote on Wednesday and hoped that France would collectively learn to “govern and legislate differently”, while calling on the opposition parties to “say how far they are ready to go” to build compromises. nL8N2Y95JP

However, he did not quote Elisabeth Borne on this occasion, which raised questions about the prospect of a premature departure of the Prime Minister from the Hôtel de Matignon, where she arrived on May 16.

Thursday, Elisabeth Borne said she had not yet made a decision on a possible vote of confidence on July 5, the date on which she must deliver her general policy speech before the National Assembly, while the opposition is demanding that she s submit to it.

Together!, the alliance formed around Emmanuel Macron, bringing together Renaissance (formerly La République en Marche), François Bayrou’s MoDem and Edouard Philippe’s Horizons, won only 245 deputies, 44 less than the absolute majority, and will therefore either have to find allies to form a coalition government, or obtain a majority on a “case by case” basis to pass its bills.

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