France – Police officers save 14-year-old thanks to Snapchat location

When rescuing a teenager in Marseille, police officers used the GPS feature of the Snapchat app. According to a police spokesman, the officials could have found the whereabouts of the 14-year-old thanks to the “snap map” feature. The girl had injuries and was raped several times, as “Der Spiegel” writes, citing French media.

The girl had previously run away from home. On Friday she then contacted her family, who then called the police. The 14-year-old was held captive but did not know where she was. The police were able to locate them thanks to the messaging app “Snapchat”, which was installed on the teenager’s cell phone. With the “Snap Map” feature, Snapchat users can find out where their friends are if they have activated the location function.

As the broadcaster “France Bleu” reports, both suspects deny having held the girl. They further stated that the sexual contact was consensual and that they did not know the girl’s age. In France, under the law, it is generally not possible for persons under the age of 15 to give consent to sexual practices.

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