France: The PLF 2023 definitively adopted, rejection of the motion of censure

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PARIS (Reuters) – The National Assembly announced on Saturday the final adoption of the finance bill for 2023 after the rejection of the motion of censure tabled by deputies from Nupes.

The no-confidence motion won only 101 votes while 288 votes were needed to bring down the government, the lower house of parliament said on Twitter.

“The motion of censure not being adopted, the finance bill for 2023 is considered adopted in final reading, in application of article 49, paragraph 3, of the Constitution”, indicates the National Assembly.

“A budget for France! In total in 2023, 12 billion euros from the State for transport”, reacted on Twitter the Minister Delegate in charge of Transport, Clément Beaune.

(Written by Matthieu Protard)

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