FranceSoir: from the Second World War to the Covid, the descent into hell of a historic press title

For the authorities, the siteno longer meets all the criteriato be identified as a news service. A decision challenged by the company’s lawyer. Screenshot of the FranceSoir website.

NARRATIVE – The site lost its status as a news service. His lawyer, Maître Gilles-William Goldnadel, denounces “intellectual terrorism”.

Of the legacy of France-Soir, only the name remains today. Over the decades, the historic post-war press title has given way to a website, now depopulated by journalists. On Wednesday, France-Soir received the coup de grace, officially losing its status as a press service. To justify its decision, the Joint Commission for Publications and Press Agencies (CPPAP) explains that “FranceSoir no longer met all the criteria” fixed by decree to obtain this qualification. “This decision, which has still not been notified to us, is astounding. In this story, there is a kind of intellectual terrorism. We do not know what types of false information we could be accused of“, explains to Figaro Me Gilles-William Goldnadel, lawyer for France-Soir.

To understand the history of France-Soir, you have to go back to the Resistance…

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