Francis Cabrel made a radical decision after the birth of his three daughters

Francis Cabrel is a renowned artist, but he is also a father concerned about the well-being of his children. After the birth of his three daughters, he made a radical decision so that they could grow up in the best possible conditions.

At 69 years old, Francis Cabrel is the father of a work respected by his fans and his peers. Who hasn’t already sang I love him to death Or The ink of your eyes ? To write and compose some of his greatest hits, the artist used the ink of his heart, but also the inspiring excitement of the capital. He lived in the City of Lights for almost ten years and “loved it.” But as he also confided to Bernard Montiel’s microphone on Saturday October 21 in the show An hour with…on RFM, he had to make a radical decision when he learned that he was going become a father.

For the artist, who spent his childhood in Astaffort, in Lot-et-Garonne, impossible to raise his three children in Paris. Although “bubbling”, “abundant” and “absolutely exciting”, the big city is, according to him, not an appropriate setting in which to flourish. “I grew up in something peaceful, serene, family, fraternal with the neighborhood. I understood that here, it was a bit the opposite. It was fast, it was loud”he explained to Bernard Montiel. Aurélie, born in 1986, Manon, born in 1991 and Thiu, adopted in Vietnam in 2004 therefore did not have the (mis)luck of learning to play football on concrete slabs or taking the crowded metro on the way home from school. “I didn’t want this life for them. Three girls in Paris…”judged the artist.

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The singer finds it amusing that two of his daughters have returned to Paris

Francis Cabrel and his small family therefore lived together far from the capital. He himself was born in Agen, into a family from Friuli, Italy. Today, he does not deny his years of life in Paris. Like many artists, he is also forced to do part of his promotion there, and often returns there with pleasure. But he is not the only one to set foot in the capital city ! As he had fun, his “two large returned to Paris even though they grew up in the provinces. » For his part, the interpreter of I loved you, i love you, I’ll love you flourishes among the vines. He lives with his wife Mariette in a large house located in the town of his childhood. In Astaffort, there are only 2000 inhabitants, and that’s fine. Away from the hustle and bustle, the artist devotes himself to his passion for wine and music. He, of course, installed a large studio in his building.

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