Francis Veber swings on the behavior of a famous French actor: “We arrived quite tense”


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Francis Veber shares unpublished anecdotes about a famous French actor with whom he lived “extravagant scenes”.

Francis Veder marked the 7th art. The French director and screenwriter is at the origin of the funniest comedies of French cinema. It is also in his imagination that the character of François Pignon was born. This famous fictional character has become a real reference in the industry. Over the years, many actors have slipped into his skin. We think of Pierre Richard in Freinds and The fugitives. Or even Jacques Villeret in The stupid dinners, Daniel Auteuil in ClosetGad Elmaleh in Lining and finally Patrick Timsit in the remake of the film The pain in the ass.

Francis Veder is also known for his outspokenness. Recently, he was Flavie Flament’s guest on the show D-Day, on RTL. An opportunity to look back on his incredible career and the encounters he was able to make during his career. And the least we can say is that Francis Veder was not stingy with anecdotes of all kinds. He also took the opportunity to swing unusual secrets about one of the actors with whom he worked.

Francis Veber: “Stingy and sexually obsessed”

In September 2020, Francis Veber published his memoirs, Let it stay between us. In his book, he returns on his meeting with Pierre Richard. He writes in particular that the actor was “stingy and sexually obsessed” and totally accept it. “I remain friends with Pierre, but I lived extravagant scenes with Pierre” explains the director. Francis Veber then returned to the filming of the film The goatduring which the actor was accompanied by a young woman baptized “Love”who played the role of the little girl. “It was complicated, because Pierre was a little older than her and in the morning, they both fooled around at breakfast. And it went: ‘Does she want tuture on her rusk? Yes, she wants tuture on her biscocotte. And of course, we arrived quite tense, Depardieu and I” he says. Before remembering another anecdote. “He was with Love in the makeup room. And there was a curtain. And we made up Gérard Depardieu, but he was frolicking in the back, causing Depardieu to get the makeup brush in the eye. And he was yelling, ‘Are you done, you bastards?’ continues Francis Veber. You must know that the trio shot 3 films together. The Goat, The Friends and The fugitives. After that, the director left for the United States, ending his collaboration with the French actor.


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