Francky Vincent reveals the impressive sum that his famous song “Fruit de la passion” still brings him: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

He has more than 170 songs in his repertoire, some of which have become real hits. We of course think of Passion fruitbut also Alice slips or Go ahead Francky it’s good, which have become emblems of an era. And it is precisely thanks to these cult titles that Francky Vincent continues to lead a very comfortable lifestyle today, more than thirty years after his first successes in France. This is what he confided during his appearance on the show At Jordan’s, broadcast on C8 Thursday April 18, 2024. As usual, Jordan de Luxe could not help but question his guest about his financial situation. The host thus asked Francky Vincent what is the song that earns him the most per month, still today. “Passion fruit”the Guadeloupean singer immediately replied, without even thinking about it.

Francky Vincent earns nearly 10,000 euros per month, for a single hit!

Of course, Jordan de Luxe wanted to know more and asked his interlocutor to give a figure. “We can’t always make monthly payments”explains Francky Vincent, specifying that he receives money every six months. An amount which is not necessarily the same from one month to the next, and which “crumbles a little over time”. A response which obviously did not satisfy the host: “Every six months, what is 10,000 euros?”, he insisted. “No, it’s much more than that! But I don’t want to display it, because it comes and goes.”retorted Francky Vincent, however acquiescing when Jordan de Luxe estimated 10,000 euros per month his income for Passion fruit. A colossal sum, which has allowed him to live very easily for 33 years already. Without forgetting of course his dozens of other successful titles!

But Francky Vincent assures him: he is not a millionaire. At least, by his own definition. “You have to earn a million a month, that’s not my case!”defended the 68-year-old singer, before being taken up by Jordan de Luxe: “No, you have to have a million in your account, that’s your case.” Not enough to convince his guest, who will remain stuck to his position! Pure Francky Vincent, finally.

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