François Hollande is not a candidate for the legislative elections in Corrèze, assures his entourage

The former President of the Republic is due to speak in mid-February to discuss the political situation in the country.

Former President François Hollande does not intend to run for the legislative elections in Corrèze, assured Tuesday January 25 his entourage to AFP and the Figarodenying rumors about it.

It’s part of everyone’s speculation, rumors and fantasies, but not the thinking of François Hollande, who is not at all in this approach“Added the same source, referring in particular to an article in Le Canard Enchaîné on the subject. A denial confirmed at Figaro by the entourage of the former head of state, who denies any ambition for the next legislative elections – in Corrèze or elsewhere – and evokes internal maneuvers in the PS.

François Hollande will “speak soon”

The ex-president shook the media sphere on Monday following a video where he said he was not a candidate “for the momentin the presidential election, but that he was going “speak up soon». In this video, broadcast Sunday evening by France 3, the former head of state explained to a high school student during a meeting with students, that “as things are not going well (in the country and on the left, editor’s note), it is true that we could say to ourselves ”would one more candidacy be useful”; I don’t know, I don’t think so…“.

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I have the same ideas as before, I continue to defend them, and a former president can very well go back to politics and, it happened, be a candidate for the presidential election.“, he added.

Asked then whether he could soon make a decision on a possible candidacy, he replied: “Anyway, I’m going to speak soon.“. His entourage specified on Monday that a speech could take place in mid-February on the situation in France, in a context “serious enough“so that a former president”out of his reserve“.

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