Frauke Ludowig: The presenter reveals her fitness secrets

Frauke Ludowig is a real power woman. In addition to her successful career as a journalist and presenter, she is also a mother of two children, runs her household as normal and keeps fit. In an interview with GALA, she revealed to GALA how she manages not to neglect herself between work and everyday life through small routines and how she stays fit in the long term.

Frauke Ludowig, 60, has been delighting us in front of the television for many years and regularly takes us into the world of stars and starlets. Away from the hustle and bustle of television, she is a mother of two children, married, does voluntary work and also keeps herself fit. She not only succeeds in this thanks to her long-time personal trainer Marcus Kalz, but over time she has also developed her own little routines that she motivates to integrate into her everyday life.

Frauke Ludowig about her sports routine

Around 390,000 subscribers follow Frauke Ludowig every day on Instagram. In addition to numerous insights into her everyday work, she also regularly shares her workouts. Short Instagram stories eventually became a separate sports program, available on the home workout platform Gymondo. Frauke also tries to spend an hour with her personal trainer Marcus Kalz during her lunch break twice a week. This then consists of a 15-minute warm-up on the cross trainer and then the focus varies between arm training, leg training and abdominal training. The focus is on strength training, she reveals in an interview. For the time when Frauke can’t work with her personal trainer, she wanted something short and effective. At the same time, the request from the platform came. “I was really happy about it and definitely wanted to do it. At the time, Gymondo almost only had people in their 20s and I was speaking to a completely different target group – I thought that was great too and it was a huge compliment! “, she tells GALA in an interview.


“That was a coincidence”

Together they have now developed a sports program that can be perfectly integrated into everyday life – short, effective and possible from anywhere. Perfect for a busy woman like Frauke Ludowig. “This gave me the opportunity to do sport for myself in peace and quiet, without being dependent on someone to coach me.” Aside from the two days in which Frauke completes her personal training, she now does home workouts on her days off.

But for the mother of two children, it’s not just about looks: “I’m really not the kind of athlete who works with training plans here. The main thing is that I do something and the most important thing is that you have fun with it. Of course, I’m cheering while I’m doing it Not all the time either, but it always feels good afterwards.”

“I don’t want to expire”

Frauke managed to overcome her inner bastard and realized that sport is much more than a well-trained body. She wants to have fun and sees the health benefits. “I like that I can always motivate myself and I just don’t feel like letting myself go and slowly getting old. I want to get old, but I also don’t want to deteriorate. It’s so important to build up my muscles stabilize because over time you put more and more strain on your joints.” It is precisely this attitude that motivates many people to keep fit and to look at the important aspects beyond appearance.


“I’ve never been on a diet before”

Frauke Ludowig also has a clear opinion about her diet:

I simply need food in my everyday life. I also eat everything and there is nothing that I don’t eat. And it’s okay that way.

She won’t let herself be forbidden from having a glass of wine on the weekend, as long as the balance is there. The time with her personal trainer Marcus Kalz showed her how important balance is in life, she says. Frauke Ludowig knows that it’s completely okay to have a pizza in the evening on the couch, but now Frauke just wants to keep fit and knows that it’s also good to have one more that evening to do workout. “Nothing should be compulsive, but if you want to keep fit, you have to do something about it,” sums up the presenter.


Your three favorite exercises for in between

When things have to be done quickly while traveling or in between, Frauke sticks to three exercises. First she does squats and speaks with this exercise Muscles on the legs and bottom, then dips on the edge of the bed for the arms and the Russian twist for the stomach. She sticks to five sets of ten repetitions each. “It may not be a detailed workout, but you immediately notice that you have done something for your body,” says the presenter.

Frauke enjoys doing sports and even if she is not an “athlete through and through”, it is precisely this friendly and approachable nature that encourages her community to do something for themselves. It conveys a message – and that is well received.


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