Freddy testifies “my world has collapsed”


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Koh-Lanta and its All Stars cast have huge surprises in store from the start. Koh-Lanta’s first unexpected adventure: The Legend? The exit of Freddy from the first episode.

Freddy had participated in Koh-Lanta for the last time 7 years ago. This All Stars edition was to be his fifth participation in Koh-Lanta. However, he is the first to be eliminated in the first episode of the adventure. A bitter taste for the one who had prepared himself in an intense way. He confides to 20 Minutes having the feeling of not really having lived his Koh-Lanta : “I didn’t eat a single piece of coconut, I didn’t even bathe in Tahitian water.” A completely unexpected injury start: Freddy fell from a monkey bridge, while he was loaded with 5kg bags.

It was by catching up with one of the ropes that he injured his arm. Evacuated to the hospital, the candidate thought he could leave. It is without counting the opinion of the medical team on his dislocated shoulder, he tells 20 Minutes: “I spent the night at the medical center and, in the morning, Denis Brogniart arrived to tell me that, for medical reasons, I will not be able to return to the adventure. And there, my world collapsed. J I had prepared this adventure, I wanted to live it. ” Freddy trained for two years, even attending a training camp supervised by former soldiers.

After Koh-Lanta: The Legend, Freddy leaving for a sixth edition

Since then, the adventurer has recovered from this blow to morale, aware that the risk of elimination is present from the start. “I didn’t expect it to be an injury, but I had it in mind, even though I was going to win. I’m still disappointed, but I got over it.” Freddy remains a fighter: if he is offered a sixth participation in Koh Lanta, “It’s a direct yes! I don’t have the impression of having lived this adventure apart from having been on the starting line.” The candidate is now replaced by Loïc, to whom we wish better luck.

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