Frederic as a couple? His secrets cashs on his love life

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It has been a few months since the candidate for season 5 of Married at first sight has cast doubt on his love situation. Frédéric came out of his reserve to talk about his love life in 2022.

Beautiful love stories are born thanks to Married at first sight. The issuance of M6 has often allowed candidates to find a soul mate and sometimes even to start a small family. If the magic does not always operate the first time in the show, it sometimes facilitates the search for a life partner for those in search of love. This is particularly the case of Emilie who recently announced that she had found love again. But while Emeline and Frédéric have recently cast doubt on the evolution of their relationship, the latter confided in this December 7 on the episodes of his love life that he went through in 2022.

When they appeared on the show in 2021, Emeline and Frédéric had a compatibility score of 85%. Despite a promising start, the magic did not operate for long within the couple who separated. Seeing no future with her husband, it was Emeline who decided to end their relationship. For his part, Frédéric did not let himself be defeated by this separation, he who admitted to falling for Sarah, candidate for the show in 2020, whose participation had also resulted in a separation. But their romance was short-lived.

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Frédérice (MAPR): “I met a few people”

Generally discreet about his private life, the father of young Zouzou came out of his silence as the end of the year celebrations approached. During a live exchange session with his subscribers on his account instagramthe contestant of the reality show broadcast on M6 had fun answering questions from fans. The latter were quick to be curious about the love life of the candidate.

“Have you met anyone since the show?”, asked a user. “To be honest, yes, I met a few people.” he acknowledged. And to specify: “More or less serious by the way. I was in a relationship for two months at the beginning of the year but I had so many things in mind and not much time to devote to this relationship that it was better to Stop.” If the year 2022 was not an opportunity for him to find true love, the young man who says he has benefited well does not despair. In 2023, Frédéric also says he is ready to truly open his heart, not out of obligation but because he feels the urge to do so. A happiness that he wishes to find all his subscribers.

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