Frederick Lau: Grief, loss and death – the actor gives an insight into his innermost being

Frederick Lau
Grief, loss and death – the actor gives an insight into his innermost being

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After having excelled in numerous comedies, Frederick Lau struggles with his grief in the movie “Wolke unterm Dach”. In an interview, the actor reveals how close his new role was to him and what he is most afraid of.

From April 28, 2022, Frederick Lau, 32, can be seen in the cinema in the drama “Wolke unterm Dach”. The film shows another side of the family man. Compared to his cinema hits such as the comedies “Nightlife” or “The Perfect Secret”, the performance in his latest work is heart-warming.

Born in Berlin, he plays the nurse Paul in “Wolke unterm Dach”, who loses his great love Julia (Hannah Herzsprung, 40). Paul has to learn to deal with grief, life and his little daughter Lilly (Romy Schroeder). But all this is not so easy and Paul falls into a deep hole. He wants to be both a father and a mother to his daughter while dealing with numerous other problems.

Frederick Lau talks about the fear of losing one’s family

In an interview with “t-online”, the 32-year-old talks about the challenging shooting, the change from comedy to drama and his own fear of loss. “I found it interesting to throw myself completely into a topic that might hurt, the actor justifies his decision to take on the role of the grieving and overwhelmed Paul. However, he did not see that the shoot would be “so blatant”. “It went so far that I was reluctant to get up during filming,” he says, admitting that dealing with him wasn’t easy for the team either. The fact that the topics of death and grief were constantly in the room was “totally stressful” for him. “The shoot was at the beginning of the pandemic, which meant I couldn’t go home for two months. I would have been very happy to have my family’s support, but we had to stay on set,” Lau said in an interview.

Interviewed at the Spa Awards

Frederick Lau: “I don’t want to be without my wife”

The actor has been with Annika Lau, 43, since 2013, the couple married in 2015 and have three children together. Because of his own family, the Berliner didn’t let go of the topic even after shooting was over. “The death of your wife is definitely the worst thing that can happen to you. I can’t imagine it at all and I don’t want to be without my wife,” stresses the film star. You shouldn’t deal with grief on your own. In the meantime, society has opened up a bit compared to previous generations. “Mourning used to be simply suppressed . In the meantime, I think we’re smart enough to get help,” says the father of three. Overall, the shoot would not “stick in his mind as particularly pleasant”. “Many things were incredibly exhausting mentally, even if the work was worth it Has.”

The actor is one of the most sought-after German film stars

Frederick Lau received the German Film Award for best actor for the thriller “Victoria”, which was released in 2015. This was followed by films like “SMS for you”, “The Perfect Secret”, “Nightlife” and “Betonrausch”. The 32-year-old received the Grimme Prize for “Neue Vahr Süd”. Just recently, Lau was also seen in the film “Generation Relationship Unable” alongside Luise Heyer, 37.

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