Free and Orange facilitate communications to Ukraine during this difficult period

Free has announced a drop in its rates to Ukraine over the next few weeks. What to help, at the scale of the operator, to the current situation. In the process, Orange announced to do even better.

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The conflict between Russia and Ukraine is in the news this week. Everyone at their own level may wonder how to help such a situation, and obviously the Free operator has found its solution. The French operator has announced a drop in call rates to Ukraine.

Free’s new prices

Here are the reductions announced in detail.

From a Freebox the prices:

  • to landlines at 0.21 euro per minute (compared to 0.27 euro);
  • to mobiles at 0.21 euro per minute (compared to 0.39 euro);
  • Connection cost of 0.12 euro.

From a Free mobile plan or 2 euro plan:

  • to landlines and mobiles at 0.21 euro per minute (compared to 0.54 euro).

From a Free Series mobile plan (“temporary” plans):

  • to landlines and mobiles at 0.21 euro per minute (compared to 0.80 euro).

This price drop is effective from today until at least April 30, 2022. Free is likely to extend this decline depending on how the situation develops.

Good Samaritan ?

This is not the first time that Free has made such announcements. In 2020, at the start of the Covid-19 crisis, the operator was among the first to announce a free temporary improvement to its packages to help the situation. In the present case, one can still wonder if the operator could not have afforded to make the calls totally free given the situation and the finances of the group and its boss.

Be careful not to switch from the good action to the cheap communication coup. Here, the sobriety of the announcement of Free leads us to think that the operator did not have this cynicism.

This remains good news for those concerned, which it was important to relay.

Orange follows suit

During the day, Orange also wanted to play its part in the building by offering even better. If you subscribe to the incumbent operator or its non-binding sector Sosh, calls, SMS and MMS sent from mobiles in mainland France to Ukrainian landlines or mobiles are completely free.

This offer starts on February 25, for a period of 2 weeks.

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