Free condoms in pharmacies for 18-25 year olds in 2023

Emmanuel Macron announced Thursday that access to condoms would be free in pharmacies for young people aged 18 to 25 from January 1.

In pharmacies, the condom will be free for 18-25 year olds. It’s gonna start from January 1. It’s a small prevention revolution, said the president during a session of the National Council for Refoundation (CNR) devoted to the health of young people in Fontaine-le-Comte near Poitiers (Vienne).

Condoms are already reimbursed by Social Security on prescription from a doctor or midwife since December 10, 2018, an additional tool to fight against AIDS and sexually transmitted infections.

The measure concerns the issue of boxes of 6, 12 or 24 condoms in pharmacy, had then detailed the Minister of Health. Two brands of male condoms, Eden and Sortez Couverts!, are currently covered up to 60% by health insurancethe remaining 40% being covered by complementary health insurance for those who have them.

Papillomavirus: towards compulsory vaccination?

More broadly, Emmanuel Macron considered that on the sexual health of young people, we have a real subject. He referred in particular to the adolescent vaccination – girls and boys – against papillomavirus infections, linked to the appearance of several cancers. It is a standard information work. We have to get him back to school, we have to multiply and we will make this investment, he pleaded. I do not exclude that we go towards compulsory vaccination when all this will be installed and that we will have the right scientific recommendations, he insisted.

As for sex education, we are not good at it. The reality is very very far from the theory. We must reform our teachers much better on this subject, we must raise awareness, argued the Head of State.

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The budget bill for Social Security adopted last week also provides for free emergency contraception for all women, without medical prescription. The text also made it possible to screen for certain sexually transmitted infections without a prescription for everyone, and free of charge for those under 26.

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