Free for iOS & Android: These apps & games are currently available for free

NextPit has once again conjured up apps and games for iOS and Android for you. All apps that are usually paid for. You can currently get them for free – but not for long! So it’s best to visit the Apple AppStore and Google Play Store directly.

Many applications and mobile games are discounted week after week in the app stores for iOS and Android. At best, premium apps can even be accessed free of charge. Some of these deals can be found through apps like AppsFree or sites like MyDealz. We take this step off your hands and provide you with lists containing these free offers twice a week.

So it’s not about the always free apps like WhatsApp or Instagram, but explicitly only about the premium applications, for which you usually have to pay for.

Please remember to download the recommended apps as soon as possible. While for Android in most cases we know a date until when the promotion runs, the iOS downloads disappear without us being able to foresee the point in time. So if one of the apps listed here becomes chargeable again, let us know – and feel free to let us know in the comments.

Tip: If you have found an exciting download, it is best to install the app immediately, even if you do not need it at the moment. If the space on the phone is too small, it simply kicks back directly. Either way, it ends up in your app library and can be reinstalled at any time for free.

Free apps and mobile games for Android

Free Android Apps

  • Scalar Pro (2.59 ): An extremely flexible and sophisticated scientific calculator with the ability to define user functions, function graphs, scripting and many other functions.
  • Video Speed ​​Controller Pro (2.89 ): A handy, simple tool that allows you to easily change the playback speed on various online video platforms. You can also use it to automatically skip commercials!
  • Digital Dashboard GPS Pro (0.89 ): A useful tracker for car or bike. It provides information about your speed and route and also allows you to export your data to Excel for further analysis.
  • Number to Word Converter (0.69 ): A useful tool to help you put numbers into words accurately. Especially useful for reading large numbers accurately. The app can also be used offline! (Not in German)
  • Video Player – Pro (1.69 ): A video player with several premium features: loading subtitles with automatic synchronization, using hardware acceleration with support for all video and audio files. Also includes a widget! (Not in German)

Also free for 1 month:
Almost 170 TV channels on up to 5 devices simultaneously

Free Android Games

  • The last Roman village (€2.19): A strategy game for history lovers based on the famous Kingdom games. Build your city, defend it with your armies and upgrade to survive the evil hordes!
  • gun war (0.99 ): You must craft the most powerful weapon in history and upgrade it through merging. In this fun RPG you can unlock over 90 weapons and perfect them by conquering difficult dungeons.
  • Dead Bunker 4 (0.59 ): A spooky shooter that puts you in the middle of a zombie apocalypse! Shoot zombies, complete all missions and save the world once again by collecting the necessary vaccination documents to cure the virus! (Not in German)
  • Superhero Armor Premium (0.59 ): A traditional offline RPG with cartoon graphics that puts you in an iron robo suit! Experience high-speed hack-and-slash action, unlock and customize characters, and defeat an infinite number of robots! (Not in German)
  • Empire Warriors (0,59 ): Another offline game. In this tower defense strategy game you get beautiful graphics on over 120 maps and deep tactical gameplay that requires you to master all different heroes, buildings and abilities! (Not in German)

Free apps and mobile games for iOS

Free iOS apps

  • My Last Cigarette (16.99 ): This app has helped thousands of smokers quit smoking and stay clean. It provides accurate personal details, explains nicotine levels and its effects, and provides a huge database of facts to educate you about the habit and motivate you to steer clear of it.
  • Epica Pro – Epic Camera (2.99 ):The app offers a wide range of effects that you can use to create the coolest collages. When you’re not in a creative phase, the app also offers a ton of fun ideas to get you going!
  • AirDisk Pro (3.49 ): Manage all your files across the Apple ecosystem from one place. From the iPhone to the MacBook to the iPads, you can manage your files directly from the Finder or, if you are a PC user, from Windows Explorer.
  • Safety Note+ Pro (3.49 ): Locks all your valuable notes securely on your devices. With Safety Note+ Pro you can protect your notes behind three different password protection systems and at the same time easily move them to your devices via iCloud.
  • Currency – Simple Converter (1.09 ): A minimalist converter for your currency conversions. The app is clean, without complex features, and offers a nice, dark theme.

Zoo 2: Animal Park – Your Animals, Your Success, Your Zoo Game
Play for free in browser and mobile

Free iOS Games

  • The Survivor: Rusty Forest (1.09 ): A survival game inspired by the famous Rust and The Forest. Explore a dangerous wasteland, gather resources, build your base and fight dangerous monsters! Featuring realistic day/night cycles, temperature systems and randomly generated maps that will challenge your skills. (Not in German)
  • Infinite Driver (2.29 ): Simple racing game. Get in the car and step on the gas! The goal is to avoid oncoming traffic. The more you drive, the more money you earn to unlock new cars! (Not in German)
  • Up Slide Down (1.09 ): Solve puzzles by moving blocks. Train your mental abilities in this increasingly difficult, but easy-to-learn, puzzle game! (Not in German)
  • topple! (2.29 ): A relaxing word game in which you have to use the available letters to find the right words. You can spend endless hours playing word puzzles because the app offers over 288 puzzles! (Not in German)

What do you think of our picks this week? Let us know in the comments if you have any other suggestions – or if one of the apps has since become a paid app again.

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