Free full version: FritzBox Bible – reference work for the AVM router

The FritzBoxes are considered by many users to be the best routers and are extremely popular. The reasons: The network and Internet distributors usually work reliably and offer many functions. Firmware updates appear even for models that are a few years old. So closes the manufacturer AVM, which by the way for Audiovisuelles Mmarketing stands, security gaps and maintains functional improvements. The good and timely update supply is given at least for Fritz boxes purchased in the open market; Boxes delivered by the Internet provider may receive updates with a delay. You can reach the user interface of your FritzBox for changing settings by into the address bar of any browser.

The interface is based on modern HTML5 – but it may raise questions. Because the FritzOS operating system is functionally pompous, despite categorization, you don’t always find what you’re looking for right away. If you have any questions, the will help you FritzBox Bible. Here you will find instructions and suggestions on what you can do with your (modem) router.

FritzBox Bible (e-book) – Download the full version for free

Install the FritzBox Bible and unlock it for free

You will find the FritzBox Bible in a ZIP file that you unpack. In addition to a setup.exe file, the archive also contains a setup.ini file. The latter is important: unpack this one too – otherwise, or if you delete it, the setup.exe will not work. To install the dossier, double click on the EXE installation file. Only if the INI file is available (in the same location) will the “MARKT+TECHNIK PREMIUM ACCESS” dialog box appear. Enter your e-mail address in the input form and repeat it in the field below to confirm. Then click on “Register and Install”. The registration window now closes without any feedback. An e-mail from “Markt und Technik” (M+T) should now have arrived in your e-mail inbox. Open it: Click on the link “Please click here to confirm your registration”.

A “Your registration was successful” message will appear. After closing this browser tab, you will check your e-mails again. Then open another M+T message and find a download link in it. Click on it and download the FritzBox Bible as a PDF from the cloud provider Strato from the HiDrive memory. The document is not zipped, so it is not necessary to unzip it and you can start browsing right away.

The AVM FritzBoxes can keep you busy for hours, both when you want to explore the many functions and when things get stuck. This PDF guide will help you.

That’s in the FritzBox Bible

On 352 pages, the FritzBox Bible tells you how to set up your FritzBox, configure your WLAN and make calls. The guide familiarizes you with additional functions, and protection against hackers and security gaps is also discussed. The PDF Bible is categorized and illustrated. To navigate, click on the headings linked in the table of contents in your PDF reader, such as Sumatra PDF or a web browser. How to get to the places you want. Alternatively, press Ctrl-F to call up the search function of your PDF viewer. You can then jump to the section that interests you by entering a keyword. You can also move to the tips and tricks that are relevant to you by navigating to one of the following categories in the tree view (left bar) of your PDF program:
  • 1. Your FRITZ!Box – overview and quick setup
  • 2. Operate WLAN safely and without problems
  • 3. Internet without risk
  • 4. Use home network with all functions
  • 5. Reliable and convenient telephony
  • 6. System maintenance, tips and tricks
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COMPUTER BILD editions and special versions for download

The sections contain sub- and sub-subcategories. The author of the PDF book is Wolfram Gieseke. In the foreword he points out that FritzBoxes provide wireless WLAN access for smartphones, tablets and other devices and also assume the role of a switchboard. Especially in times of home office and teleworking, it is essential that these basics work reliably. He invites his readers to visit his blog The website serves as a supplement to his books. If you like, you can contact Gieseke there and send him questions or suggestions.

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