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On Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you can publish content – ​​text, photos, videos – free of charge on the Internet and present it to friends and acquaintances, for example. There are plenty of reasons for this: be it to present the hobby, to impress the potential employer or to wish a friend a happy birthday. Just stupid: you upload your data to the servers of large companies and are therefore bound by their rules and (not always advantageous) data protection regulations. In addition, social media platforms offer only limited scope for visually designing content published there. With your own website, on the other hand, you are quite free. If you shy away from the effort of an internet presence, you should take a look at web editors. This is available both with rented web space in the cloud and locally in the form of PC software such as Website X5 Go. You install this application and then design a web presence with templates.

WebSite X5 Go – Download full version for free

What does WebSite X5 Go offer?

WebSite X5 Go comes with a set of templates that define the basic look and feel of your website. In the “New Project” area, select one of the presets. In the “All Categories” section, some of them are marked with a lock icon. Such content is not available in the free version of the application. It is therefore better to use the template offers above under “New project > View > WebSite X5 Go”. A double-click on your favorite starts a download, then you can start designing. The variety is expressed in presets such as “App”, “Art Exhibition”, “Band”, “Cinema”, “HiFi”, “Museum”, “Optical”, “Painter”, “Phone”, “Photographer”, “Repair “, “Resume”, “Small Town”, “Software”, “Tattoo”, “Tennis”.

You can see a thumbnail of how it looks roughly in each case. The following sections are then available, where you can enter basic website information and access additional features: “General information” (define title, description, category), “Intro page”, “Advertising message”, “Online shop” (e-commerce) , “Blog”, “RSS Feed”, “Access Management”, “Privacy and Security”, “Statistics and Code”, “SEO”.

You navigate through the website creation procedure in a category tree on the left. First and foremost “Home” and “Settings” are available here, in which you will find the configuration segments mentioned above. In addition, call up the “Template”, “Sitemap”, “Pages” and “Export” areas in the tree. In the latter step, there are three options: “Export the website to the Internet” (based on an FTP client function), “Export the website to a drive” (the HTML code can then be further edited in Windows Notepad, for example, and copy to CD/DVD or USB stick) and “Export project” (for a backup copy or to continue working on the data set on another computer).

HTML, CSS, JavaScript? You don’t have to worry about that thanks to WebSite X5 Go. The application creates responsive websites on request, i.e. suitable for all device classes.

Register WebSite X5 Go for free

Getting started with WebSite X5 Go is easy: download the installation file and run it. Confirm the query from the Windows user account control with “Yes”. Accept the already selected language German with “OK”. With “Next”, “I accept the agreement” and “Install” you put the software on your disk. After setting a radio button point in front of the accept option, the “Settings” button is no longer grayed out. If you like, select it and get the opportunity to specify the installation directory for WebSite X5 Go. But that is not absolutely necessary. You can also control whether a desktop icon should be created for the call when you click on the settings button. The web editor is based on Microsoft’s .NET Framework runtime environment, which it may install during setup. Depending on the performance of your PC, this takes a few seconds to minutes. Be patient while setup is complete.

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COMPUTER BILD editions and special versions for download

Once the installation is complete, a product activation is pending. At this point, click “Next” and enter your email address. Now go to “Next” again and wait a moment, the message should appear that a confirmation email has just been sent. Then it’s time to send it straight to your e-mail inbox. There you open a new message from Incomedia. This is followed by a mouse click on the confirmation button or link contained therein. Then click “Next” in the “Program activation” window of the software installer. The message “Activation completed successfully” appears. With “Start” you finally call up WebSite X5 Go and get down to work (homepage). By the way, a homepage is not just a website: Strictly speaking, a distinction must be made between a website, a website and a homepage. We explain the difference in a guide.

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