Freevee: Free streaming app launched for Fire TV and Android – what about iOS and Apple TV?


There is now a Freevee app for Fire TV and Android. Previously, the free, new streaming service was only available as Prime Channel. This is the status of Roku, AppleTV and iOS.

The free Amazon streaming service Freevee is now available as an app on Fire TV and Android devices. (Source: © Amazon)

  • Freevee is now available as an app on Fire TV and Android devices.
  • The free Amazon streaming service was launched as Prime Channel at the beginning of August.
  • It is not yet known when Freevee apps for iOS, Apple TV and Roku will be available.

Freevee has now also got its own app, after the streaming service was initially only available to Amazon customers as a Prime Channel. App access is already available for Amazon’s own Fire TV series and Android.

Freevee: No app for Apple TV and Roku yet

It is initially unclear whether and when platforms such as Apple TV, iOS devices or even Telekom’s TV boxes will be operated with their own Freevee app. There is currently no information about an app launch for the devices from the US manufacturer Roku.

However, you can already access Freevee for free via the Prime Video app on your Apple TV or Roku player. You can find the content as a free channel in the channel selection of the streaming service.

Amazon’s free streaming service Freevee was originally called IMDb TV and was successfully tested on the US market as an ad-supported alternative to paid subscriptions such as Netflix or Prime Video. In Germany, the streaming service was launched more or less through the back door – but other apps for common platforms can now be expected.

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