Freezing savoy cabbage: explained step by step

Freeze savoy cabbage
Explained step by step

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As a rule, you cannot use a whole head of savoy cabbage at once, so here you can find out how you can freeze savoy cabbage and make the cabbage last longer.

Freezing savoy cabbage: Here's how

  1. First, you should take the leaves individually separate and wash thoroughly. Cut the thick leaf vein in the middle.
  2. Before freezing it is advisable to briefly the savoy cabbage to blanch for two to three minutes in boiling salted water and then quenched in ice water. As a result, its green color and the healthy ingredients are retained, and the savoy cabbage does not taste so bitter.
  3. Leave the leaves Drain in a colander and when they have cooled, pat them dry with paper towels.
  4. Depending on what you want to use the savoy cabbage for later, you can cut it to size before freezing: The inner leaves taste great as a savoy cabbage vegetable, for example and can be frozen cut into small pieces. Since the outer leaves are very stable, they are perfect for savoy cabbage rolls – in this case you should freeze them whole.
  5. Last you give the cabbage in portions in freezer bags or cans and label it with a date, then you can freeze the savoy cabbage.
  6. If you want to thaw the vegetables later, you do that preferably in the refrigerator or you can put the chopped savoy cabbage directly into the pot and cook it with it.

Freezing Savoy Cabbage: The Best Tips

  • Freeze the savoy cabbage as soon as possible. You can recognize fresh savoy cabbage by the fact that it Has crisp leaves that rattle when you shake the cabbage. Savoy cabbage can be kept in the refrigerator for about a week, frozen it can be kept for up to a year.
  • The inner savoy cabbage leaves are often milder than the outer ones. It is best to buy savoy cabbage only after the ground has frozen: the cold creates more sugar and the cabbage no longer tastes as bitter.
  • As with all types of cabbage, they are also produced by eating savoy cabbage Gases in the body that can cause gas and stomach pain. The vegetables are more digestible if you cook them with spices such as coriander, fennel, anise, caraway or cardamom.

Freeze cooked and raw savoy cabbage

Blanching savoy cabbage is optional, you can too Freeze directly raw and later use for a soup, for example. It is also possible to freeze already cooked and processed savoy cabbage (such as savoy cabbage stew) – but then you should note that it Can only be kept for about three months in the freezer is.

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