French League of Valorant: Vitality and BDS on deck tonight

Photo: VRL Revolution

This year, the circuit VCT will not be the only competition to follow for French Valorant fans! There is only one Blue in the main circuit anyway (keloqz, G2) and even if we will also follow the two Belgian brothers of Team Liquid (Nivera and ScreaM), there is not a plethora of French speakers .

Fortunately, the French will be at the rendezvous of the French VRL (Revolution), the regional European league which will highlight the talents of France. 8 teams are engaged and it will speak French everywhere! As a reminder, the team that finishes at the top of the league will qualify for the promotion tournament at the VCT… There’s no need to tell you that everyone is eyeing this place of choice!

In opening, two games with two favorites

The calendar is already out and the VRL will operate with weeks (5) of three days of competition, except for week 5 which will only have two days. Each day there will be two matches (Bo2). For the grand opening today, we will have the right to:

  • Team Vitality vs. beGenius (7 p.m.)
  • BDS vs. VMS (9 p.m.)

On paper, these matches promise to be unbalanced and we expect a victory for Vitality and BDS, two structures present on the scene for a long time. But you always have to be wary of the challengers, especially since with a Bo2 format the possibilities of draw are real.

The rest of the first week of competition

On February 16 we will have the right to:

  • Sector One vs. Wylde (7 p.m.)
  • OG vs Mandatory (9 p.m.)

On February 17 the matches will be:

  • VMS vs. Vitalitthere (7 p.m.)
  • Sector One vs OG (9 p.m.)

So you will surely have noticed, but in the same week some teams play twice!


OG took its time and the team, invited to participate in the French VRL, waited until the very last moment to adjust its workforce. As the competition begins today, the leaders have decided to integrate a new element who will play the role of duelist.

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