French missing in Egypt: Yann Bourdon suddenly reappears after a year of worries

A year after his disappearance in Egypt, Yann Bourdon, a French student, has returned to Paris, as reported by BFMTV in an article published on Tuesday August 16.

Since August 4, 2021, the relatives of Yann Bourdon, a history student at the Sorbonne, had no news. A year after his death, the young man was finally found and was able to return to France. If he is safe and sound, he did not want to communicate on what happened to him during all this time, as reported BFM TVin an article published on Tuesday, August 16.

It all started in 2020, when Yann Bourdon decided to start a journey on foot through Europe. He first went to Estonia, before crossing a dozen countries and reaching Turkey, then Egypt in the summer of 2021. If he did not have a SIM card, the young student communicated regularly with his relatives by email. On July 28, he was hitchhiked by an Egyptian policeman, then stopped at a youth hostel. A few days later, his bank account was completely emptied and communications with his relatives have ceased. Since then, these were “clueless” in the face of the situation.

Yann Bourdon found his loved ones, a year after his disappearance

At the beginning of August, a miracle happened for those close to Yann Bourdon. Indeed, his lawyer Sarah Sakouti entrusted to BFM Paris Ile-de-France : “On August 9, we got the information that Yann had presented himself at the French consulate in Cairo. He communicated, by a telephone call, with his sister, in the first place, to warn her that he was present at the French consulate, that he was well. Afterwards, he called his mother to give her some news as well.“.

According to the 27-year-old man’s lawyer, the Egyptian national security agency quickly took him a plane ticket to allow him to return to France on the night of Tuesday August 9 to Wednesday August 10. The disappearance of Yann Bourdon remains today a real mysterywith the Justice Committee explaining in a statement: “We would like to respect his silence as to the reasons for his disappearance since August 4, 2021 and let him find his family.“. The end of a long ordeal for the adventurer’s family.

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Yann Bourdon
He decided to start a journey on foot with his backpack through Europe before arriving in Egypt.

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Yann Bourdon
The 27-year-old disappeared shortly after arriving in Egypt.

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Disappearance of Yann Bourdon
He had not given any sign of life since August 4, 2021.

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Yann Bourdon
He had contacted his relatives shortly before his disappearance.

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He explained that he had been hitchhiked by an Egyptian policeman before joining a youth hostel.

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For a year, he had not given any news and his bank account had been emptied.

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He was finally found in early August 2022.

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He has found his relatives, but refuses for the moment to explain what happened to him.

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