French Palme d’Or for director Justine Triet and her Anatomy of a Fall at Cannes 2023

And the Palme d’or of 2023 is French! The jury of the 76th edition of the Cannes Film Festival awarded the precious prize to Justine Triet for her film “Anatomie d’une chute”.

Two years after Titanium by Julia Ducournau, the Cannes Film Festival saw another French director receive the precious Palme d’Or. Filmmaker Justine Triet was awarded for her film Anatomy of a Fall, a thriller following the trial of a woman accused of having killed her husband a year earlier. His young visually impaired son attends the instruction, a real dissection of the couple formed by his parents before the tragedy.

Here is the Palme d’or chosen by a double palmed, Ruben Östlund, president of the Jury of this 76th edition. One after his precious sesame received for Without Filter (Triangle of Sadness), the Swedish director, already crowned in 2017 for The Square, delivered his verdict with the members of his jury, composed of Julia Ducournau, Brie Larson, Rungano Nyoni, Maryam Touzani, Paul Dano, Denis Ménochet, Atiq Rahimi and Damián Szifron.

The Palme d’or, which was introduced by Jane Fonda, therefore rewards Justine Triet, who was already in competition with Sibyl, four years ago, and who is the third woman to receive this award. Her new film Anatomy of a Fall, a new French Palme that she “dedicated to all young directors and to all young directors”is led by Swann Arlaud, the German actress Sandra Hüller and the young Milo Machada Graner.

Anatomy of a Fall will be released in theaters on August 23.


The Competition Awards

Anatomy of a fall of Justine Triet

The Zone of Interest by Jonathan Glazer

  • Staging Award

The Passion of Dodin Bouffant by Trần Anh Hùng

  • Best Actress Award

Merve Dizdar in The Dry Herbs of Nuri Bilge Ceylan

  • Best Actor Award

Koji Yakusho in Perfect Days by Wim Wenders

Sakamoto Yuji for Hirokazu Kore-eda’s Monster

The Fallen Leaves by Aki Kaurismäki

  • Palme d’Or for Short Film

27 by Flora Anna Buda

  • Special Mention Palme d’Or Short Film

Fár by Gunnur Martinsdóttir Schlüter

The rest of the winners

The Golden Butterfly Tree of An Pham Thien

How to Have Sex by Molly Manning Walker

  • New Voice Award (Un Certain Regard)

Augur of Baloji

  • Overall Prize (Un Certain Regard)

The Flower of Buriti (Crowra) by João Salaviza and Renée Nader Messora

  • Price of freedom (Un certain regard)

Goodbye Julia by Mohamed Kordofani

  • Best Director Award (Un Certain Regard)

Kadib Abyad (The Mother of All Lies) by Asmae El Moudir

  • Jury Prize (Un Certain Regard)

The Packs of Kamal Lazraq

Olfa’s Daughters by Kaouther Ben Hania

Kadib Abyad (The Mother of All Lies) ofAsmae El Moudir

feature film Monster of Hirokazu Kore-eda

Short film Bolero by Nans Laborde-Jourdaà

Grand Prix to Messi in Anatomy of a fall of Justine Triet

Grand Jury Prize to Chaplin in Dead leaves ofAki Kaurismaki

Prize for the incredible canine performance to Sultan in Vincent must die by Stephan Castang

Special mention to Marra in The Old Oak by Ken Loach

Perfect Days of Wim Wenders

  • Special Mention Ecumenical Prize

The Old Oak of Ken Loach

  • Fipresci Prize – Official competition

The Zone of Interest of Jonathan Glazer

  • Fipresci Award – Un Certain Regard

Settlers by Felipe Gálvez Haberle

  • Fipresci Prize – Parallel Section

Levante by Lillah Halla

  • Prize for Arthouse Cinemas

Alice Rohrwacher’s Chimera

  • Special Mention for Arthouse Cinemas

Dead leaves ofAki Kaurismaki

Olfa’s Daughters of Kaouther Ben Hania

Olfa’s Daughters of Kaouther Ben Hania

  • Special Mention Citizenship Prize

Youth of Wang Bing

Olfa’s Daughters of Kaouther Ben Hania

Mica Levi for The Zone of Interest of Jonathan Glazer

Norwegian Offspring by Marlene Emilie Lyngstad

Hole by Hwang Hyein

Ayyur (Moon) by Zineb Wakrim

  • CST Artist-Technician Award

Johnnie Burn, Sound Designer and Chief Sound Editor of the film The Zone of Interest of Jonathan Glazer

  • CST Young Technician PRIZE

Anne-Sophie Delseries, production designer of the film Le Théorème de Marguerite by Anna Novion

The film Anatomy of a Fall will be released in theaters on August 23.

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