Friborg goalie Reto Berra sweats a lot and loses 3 kilos in the game

Stopping pucks is a problem – and how! If you thought that goalies didn’t have a physically demanding job, you are completely wrong. Because they sweat so much, they lose a few kilograms of body weight in an intense game with many shots on goal. Friborg keeper Reto Berra can sing a song about that.

Currently riding a wave of success with the club record of ten full successes in a row, the 34-year-old takes certain precautions for every match, but these have become routine. Because: Even when he was a junior, the Zurich resident noticed that he was sweating a lot. “I had to get a grip on that because I used to suffer from cramps,” he says, “especially in the hip, where I could hardly get down into the butterfly position.”

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