Friday goodies: Christmas extensions

OST of the week

Barely released that fans of the license are already snapping up Halo Inifnite. In order to prolong the pleasure, we can put our teeth intoOST of the game which is available for pre-order for a release announced on February 25. In the form of two 180 gram vinyls, music-loving gamers will be able to listen to 22 tracks of the game’s campaign. limited edition includes superb illustrations original as well as notes by the composers.

Available at Fnac, this double vinyl is yours for € 44.99.

Lego of the week

Constantly in the shadow of his brother, Luigi offers himself a Interactive lego to the delight of children and especially adults. This starter pack places Luigi in a world well known to players in the company of a Yoshi Rose, of Boom boom and a Goomba skeleton. The Luigi figurine is interactive, with a loud speaker and a LCD screen allowing to react to the other interactive elements of the ground. Of course, this starter pack is compatible with others expansion pack Lego for those who want to build a complete collection.

Right now this pack is on sale on Amazon at € 36.99 instead of the € 59.99 usually charged. This makes it an ideal gift for an enthusiast or to introduce a child to the world of plumber brothers.

Accessory of the week

To accompany his Nintendo Switch, the best accessory remains the protective pouch, allowing the hybrid console to be transported serenely without risking damaging it. Fortunately, Hori offers us another beautiful cover, this time with the motifs ofArceus, the Pokémon god. Currently on pre-order, this cover will be available from 28 january.

It is possible to pre-order this essential for future Pokémon masters on Amazon for € 24.99.

Lamp of the week

If you are planning to redecorate your gaming-room and want to show your love for the retrogaming, this lamp Pacman is for you. Pacman and the 3 ghosts light up to illuminate your room with a soft and subdued light, ideal for a bedroom as well.

At the moment, this small lamp is on sale at Micromania in -50%. Instead of spending € 29.99, it will only cost you € 14.99.

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