Friedrich Merz: CDU boss in the hospital because of a broken collarbone

Friedrich Merz
CDU boss in hospital with broken collarbone

Friedrich Merz is in the hospital after a fall

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CDU leader Friedrich Merz broke his collarbone in a fall while on vacation and had to have an operation, his spokesman said.

The CDU politician Friedrich Merz (66) is currently in the hospital. After an accident, the party leader had to undergo an operation. According to the first media reports, this has now also been confirmed his spokesman Armin Peter on Twitter. Merz broke his collarbone in a fall while on vacation.

“He has already had a successful operation and is on the road to recovery,” said his spokesman. Like the “Bild” newspaper wants to know, Merz sustained the injury while playing sports in Bavaria. The operation is said to have taken place in a clinic on Friday morning.

Söder wishes a speedy recovery

An operation is relatively unusual for a broken collarbone, in 70 percent of the cases the so-called clavicle fracture can be treated conservatively. Colleague and CSU boss Markus Söder (55) wished Merz via tweet a “quick recovery and hopefully a speedy recovery”.


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