Friends reunion: According to Lisa Kudrow, the first shoots are already in the can

Friends reunion
According to Lisa Kudrow, the first shoots are already in the can

Lisa Kudrow is in good spirits that the "Friends" reunion will soon find its way to the fans

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Is the "Friends" reunion really coming, and will it be in the foreseeable future? Phoebe actress Lisa Kudrow gives the fans new courage.

Actually, the eagerly awaited reunion of the legendary sitcom "Friends" should have flickered across the screens long ago. But then Corona came and forced Jennifer Aniston (51), Courteney Cox (56), Matthew Perry (51), Matt LeBlanc (53), David Schwimmer (54) and Lisa Kudrow to stop shooting the special. It is now Kudrow who, in an interview with Rob Lowe (56) in his podcast "Literally! With Rob Lowe", revealed new details about the show, which is to be published on the streaming service HBO Max.

If everything goes smoothly, the reunion will be broadcast "early spring", according to Kudrow. In addition, isolated scenes with all six "Friends" leading actors are already in the can. That alone confirms that the longed-for return of Phoebe Buffay (Kudrow), Rachel Green (Aniston), Monica Geller (Cox), Ross Geller (swimmer), Chandler Bing (Perry) and Joey Tribbiani (LeBlanc) will definitely come is: "We have already shot various things. We will certainly do it because I have already recorded a little something", she gives hope to the "Friends" fans around the world.

It remains to be seen whether the "Friends" reunion will take place in the original studio in California as originally planned. It was announced before the actual date that the series stars would come together without scripts. Together they should review their time on the set and share old anecdotes and personal highlights – actually in front of a live audience.